Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a critical technology for organization’s security posture. While most SIEMs do job of aggregating, normalizing and storing logs from different sources for compliance reporting, they lack context and behavioral & situation awareness, which requires highly talented security analyst to derive meaningful value from it.
Also, many organizations struggle with traditional SIEM deployment, execution as security experts are required to make meaningful correlation and decisions for remediation and, above all, total cost of ownership (TCO) is too high. The digital-era which includes, adoption of hybrid cloud, remote and mobile workers coupled with complexity of evolving threat vectors, requires a modern comprehensive approach.

Seceon aiSIEM™ is developed from the ground up to deliver “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era”. It ingests raw streaming data – logs from all devices, OS, Apps and Services in the ecosystem, Flows, such as, NetFlow, IPFix, sFlow and subscribes to Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory™ service – from Cloud, Endpoints and other IT data sources.

This streaming platform includes functionalities of traditional SIEM, SOAR, user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA), Network-Based Anomaly Detection (NBAD), Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), threat intelligence feeds for correlation and enrichment, advanced machine learning (ML), AI with actionable intelligence and proprietary feature engineering and Policy 2.0 to proactively detect threats/breaches and automatically or push button containment or elimination of threats in real-time.

Threat containment/elimination is implemented with the policy push on hygiene systems like Firewall, Email Gateway, Web Gateway, Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory™ service, Network Access Controllers, EDR, etc. to enhance an organization’s security posture and provides a zero-trust security in a digital era, while lowering SOC operational cost by more than 80%. aiSIEM platform generates meaningful alerts with context and situational awareness and improved accuracy from scores of threat indicators otherwise analyzed by the security professionals and producing actionable intelligence which drives automated threat containment and elimination in real-time.