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Content Systems:

Let’s start by talking about your existing content systems. 

• Where do users save files, and where do they collaborate? 
• What Enterprise Content Systems do you use?
• What workflows – formal and informal – are built around them?
• What productivity tools do your users use?
• Where do these systems reside?  In data centers you own, co-location centers, IaaS resources like Azure and AWS, or SaaS? 
Business Functions:
Next, it’s important to understand the business functional areas that touch that content.

Enterprise Security:

Of course, you have security systems protecting the perimeter of your enterprise, including

• Identity management and authentication [LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Single Sign-On]
• ATP [Advanced Threat Protection, including technologies such as “sandboxing” for detecting and stopping zero-day threats, from vendors such as FireEye, Symantec and Forcepoint.  Accellion integrates out-of-box with products that use the ICAP protocol, and at least one customer has built a custom bridge between another ATP product and ICAP.]
• DLP [Data Leak Protection / Data Loss Prevention depending on who you ask.  Rule-based scanning of documents to detect PII, PHI, IP and other private information so you can keep it from leaving the enterprise]


All of the above works great for users who access and collaborate on content within the enterprise, but how do you secure and govern access and collaboration with people outside the enterprise?  If you don’t provide a way, users will resort to ungoverned products like Dropbox that they use in their personal lives, or simply in-the-clear email attachments, just to get their jobs done.

Accellion’s Solution:

Accellion provides an Integrated Governance Framework that allows organizations to securely share files and collaborate beyond the enterprise borders, with all the controls and audit details necessary to demonstrate compliance when working with the most sensitive content.

kiteworks establishes a Secure Governance Perimeter around your most sensitive content wherever it resides, on-premise or in the cloud.  Easily accessed from your email, through the web, or on your mobile device, kiteworks integrates with your existing security infrastructure, as well as your enterprise applications and workflows, to safely deliver content quickly and efficiently to improve business processes.